Inclusion – The opportunity for EVERYONE to be included as members of their community

The purpose for PURE Friendship Ministries is to promote inclusion for persons with developmental disabilities including, but not limited to, those diagnosed with autism, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability and Down’s Syndrome.  We also serve other forms/types of disabilities as well, but we focus on persons with I/DD (intellectual and developmental disabilities).  The belief is that there are no disabled souls and that all persons deserve to be fully included as members of the community and all have gifts to enrich communities, regardless of physical or cognitive limitations.  

PURE Friendship Ministries exists to provide opportunities for inclusion and true fellowship for persons with disabilities, their families and supports, friends, and community members. The goal of this ministry is to build networks of individuals that allow both disabled and non-disabled persons to participate in every day activities together. PURE Friendship Ministries is an extension of the larger organization known as PURE Ministries.  

PURE Ministries is a nationwide outreach to help local churches develop their own individual ministries to reach out to families and individuals affected by disability.  Some examples of local ministries  that have been developed are a basic computer literacy and support ministry initiated by one member and a creative arts & crafts ministry built by another.  They have also started a coffee house meeting time for simply going to the coffee area in the church (some churches are large facilities), and encouraging those with and without a disability to simply meet and chat.  This type of fellowship is more uncommon than one might think.

Key team members.


Destry Lebrun